Leicester anti-cuts protest: video footage

In October 2010, the Chancellor George Osborne announced in the Comprehensive Spending Review an £80bn spending reduction project to be implemented over the next five years. Local authorities in England are facing grant reductions of 28% on average (Source: The Guardian 8th Feb 2011).On that same day, the City Council voted a £28m cut and 500 redundancies in the hope to reach a £100m saving by 2015. Two thirds of Leicester City Council’s budget is made of government grants 

On 24th February 2011, the action group Leicestershire Against the Cuts, the trade union Unison, the council support service Star (Supporting Tenants and Residents), as well as various associations and individuals rallied at the Town Hall Square in order to voice their concerns about the budget cuts that were about to be voted by Leicester City Council..

Amongst the 200 people that gathered in front of the Town Hall, we interviewed individuals with different profiles, different views and different concerns (Source: BBC). Some of the demonstrators entered the council chamber.

When questioned, some of the interviewees came up with the same alternative to the cuts: a “Robin Hood Tax”. This tax is supported by public sector workers’ trade unions and the Labour Party and involves taxing banks’ bonuses. The Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls estimates such a tax could amount to £3.5bn per year, on top of the £1.7bn to £2.5bn bank levy already announced by the coalition Government in February 2011.

video here

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