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Localism and Equality

An important element in the Coalition Government’s platform, the Localism Agenda is based on four main strands: 1.    New freedoms and flexibility for local government; 2.    New rights and powers for local communities; 3.    Reform to make the planning system … Continue reading

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Why focusing on equalities still matters

Recent developments in the public sector make it easy for the average bystander to conclude that equality and diversity is losing its importance for local authorities.  Following ten years of rather prescriptive regulation, the last two years have seen statutory … Continue reading

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Proof of delivery?

Ministers are keen to promote mutuals as the way forward for the public sector, but there is little evidence to suggest that these will help to improve the quality and efficiency of services Many extravagant claims have been made about … Continue reading

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Opening up Public Services: power to the people or power to the market?

High quality public services are an essential part of everyday life. Being able to access those services is one of the most basic requirements that we as citizens demand from the government. Not my words; but those of David Cameron … Continue reading

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Local Government beyond the fragments

Recently this blog hosted an article urging local government to set out a positive and compelling vision that will guide the sector through an ever changing environment. There can be no doubt that local government is facing an unprecedented set … Continue reading

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Setting out a future vision for local government: local authorities at the heart of every local community

Local Government faces an unprecedented series of challenges and will have to respond to an increased level of need whilst at the same time working within vastly reduced budgets. It has never been more vital that the sector sets out … Continue reading

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Building the ‘Big Society’ – what role for local government?

The ‘Big Society’ agenda is the driving political vision of the coalition government as they seek to redefine and transform the relationship between citizens and the state. It is primarily being driven forward by key Conservative politicians around David Cameron … Continue reading

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