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Local Government beyond the fragments

Recently this blog hosted an article urging local government to set out a positive and compelling vision that will guide the sector through an ever changing environment. There can be no doubt that local government is facing an unprecedented set … Continue reading

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Setting out a future vision for local government: local authorities at the heart of every local community

Local Government faces an unprecedented series of challenges and will have to respond to an increased level of need whilst at the same time working within vastly reduced budgets. It has never been more vital that the sector sets out … Continue reading

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Big Society and Spending cuts

What does big society mean? This appears to mean different things to different stakeholders and until there is a coherent and shared viewpoint frictions and possibly fractures within the system will ultimately be a detriment to the very people it … Continue reading

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NHS reform: the gloves are off!

The Coalition government’s health reforms are moving ahead at speed, despite the reservations of NHS staff, trade unions and academics. Make no mistake, these are large scale reforms, and compare with the great (and very unsuccessful) reorganisation of 1974, the … Continue reading

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Modernising Commissioning: Is the Big Society bringing any clarity to the debate?

In December 2010, the Office for Civil Society in the Cabinet Office published its Green consultation Paper  ‘Modernising Commissioning: Increasing the role of charities, social enterprises, mutuals and cooperatives in public service delivery’ as part of their commitment to promote … Continue reading

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